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Below are the varieties of Macaroons we have at Sugarland currently. More Macaroons to come, so please come back often.

Filling: chocolate ganache, vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream, passion fruit buttercream, strawberry buttercream, blueberry buttercream.

If you do not see the Macaroons that you want, please drop us your inquiries at Contact Us page.

At Sugarland, we are committed to serve you and bring your stories to life.

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Chocolate Ganache Macaroons

Chocolate Ganache Macaroon

Vanilla Buttercream Macaroons

Vanilla Buttercream Macaroon

Turquoise and Yellow Macaroons

Turquoise and Yellow Macaroon

Snowflakes Macaroons

Snowflakes Macaroon

Sugarland Gold Macaroons

Gold Macaroons

Sugarland Pink and Gold Macaroons

Pink and Gold Macaroons

Sugarland Hello Kitty Macaroons

Hello Kitty Macaroons

Sugarland Unicorn Macaroons

Unicorn Macaroons

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