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Check out the various desserts gallery of our products. The desserts gallery are divided into categories based on type. Click on the type of desserts you are interested and it will bring to to another page of the desserts.

If you have any inquiries on any of the desserts gallery, please contact us at the Contact Us page.

All our cakes and cheesecakes are made from S.C.S Butter and PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese. We only use the best of ingredients so you could enjoy the best of our desserts.

At Sugarland, we are committed to serve you and bring your stories to life.


Red Velvet Cupcakes


Designer Cupcakes

Smurf Cupcakes


Blueberry Mille Crepe


Designer Cakes

Frozen Castle Cake


Red Velvet Cheese Cakes


Mini Cheesecakes

Peppermint Mini Cheesecakes


Cake Pops

Flower Sprinkler Cake Pops


Chocolate Ganache Macaroons


Pineapple Rolls


Sugarland Acorn Doughnuts

Baby Full Moon

Baby Shoe Cupcakes

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