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Sugarland Story started from a tale of passionate baking. Their about story starts a long long time ago (around 20 years ago), a mother would bake once every other week for the whole family; the house always smelled of sweet desserts; butter cakes, cookies, sponge cake, nyonya kuih and so on. During big festival like Chinese New Year, she will bake all these delicious bake goods for her family, friends and relatives. Somehow, these bake goods add on a whole different level of festive joy as her kids and relatives enjoy the delicious desserts! Well, of course she could not have done all this without her good helper like Santa; and nope, not the elves but her 2 loving adorable kids. Slowly, this has ignited a fire of passion for bake in her 2 helper; her daughter and her youngest son. In the beginning, their intention is to lighten their mother’s burden. As the fire of passion grows stronger day by day and eventually years, they have slowly cultivated and improved their baking skill and wanted to take it to the next level.

They started off baking for their co-workers and friends. Good praises and comments on the bake goods were received. But sometimes you do get a few not so good comments here and there. With an open mind, they received all comments positively and always continue to seek improvement in their bake goods. Thanks to the internet, they learn and improve their skill. There came a day, when friends and family started ordering cakes from them, and they came to realized that they can actually pursue their passion further. So, the siblings decided to venture further and start accepting bigger volume of orders. Next, they started promoting their business via Facebook. And now, they have their own website to reach out to a wide range of audience out there to spread and share the joy and happiness via their love of bake goods. The End?

Well, the story do not end here yet. It’s the beginning of another whole new story as they have open up a Bakery Cafe called Sugarland Desserts House in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam. Not only do they served desserts, but they also serve meals; breakfast, lunch, tea time. They sincerely appreciate your support to help them in chasing their dream. Will you be part of their story? Everything is possible.

Do support them and check out their meal menu and desserts gallery. Also drop by their Facebook page and do not forget to click LIKE while you at it.

You could always drop them an inquiry at the Contact Us page to inquire further on their services.

Thank you and have a sweet day!

Sugarland Story

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